Bahamian Garbage Boat!

There’s a new (old) boat out at the docks.  (Outside the west lobby).
Also there’s a new post in updates.  …which you’re reading right now.  nyuk nyuk.

Also… no human should ever have to ask permission to build their own house on their own land.

Tower of Wisdom!

I figured out how to organize my inane ramblings!  I’m putting them into clickable playlists by year.  2017 is up and in the Halls of Wisdom.  …the South East Tower.
I’m also adding mouse over explanation for the “title” or each room that has a name in the floor.

Polar Bear Video

I just dug out an old prototype video of a Polar Bear.  Its now in the Pile of old robots in the East Lobby.  (The robot lab) OH!  I just remembered 2 more videos for the pile.  I just added the original ping pong ball shooter prototype and a suction dart blaster to the pile.

Efficiency and Cool Auto Playlist Thingy!

OK OK, check it out.  I compressed all the images in the website so they’ll load faster.  …a lot faster.
Dashaina set it up so that when you click the “Recent Video” in the Main Lobby it has a playlist that automatically loads the last 100 videos.  …and I don’t even have to do anything to it!  Seriously, its the best!  Its easier to deal with that going to youtube’s main page, and you can see the last video, and see if you’ve missed any recent ones, too!
Did I mention that it loads into the playlist as soon as I put up a video.  heh heh.  Like… automatically.  Oh, yeah!