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      Hi!  This is the Public part of the Adventure Builder Forum!  Its closed. The real forum is private.  You have to register and log in.  I know its a pain.  If you've ever been in a public forum you know why.  We all want to keep this a positive and constructive place of open discussion where rational thinking prevails over emotional outbursts.  So... By using this forum you are explicitly stating that you like Jaimie.  You're also agreeing with all your soul that you will respect other people, their opinions, and ideas even when you disagree with them.  (However you don't have to respect someone's opinion who is not doing the above) Using this forum means that you respect the positive social atmosphere here, and that if you're booted out its probably for a good reason and you need to check your attitude for possible problems. By using this forum you swear with all the love in your heart that you will do your best to conduct yourself with all reasonable compassion, honesty and respect including protecting this forum from unwanted trolls and negative poop heads in any way you can. OK!  If none of that made you queezy come on in! Jaimie
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