J-ME Gets Cooooold!


Last night I stayed up all night and made an igloo and a snow man.  tee hee

First I made an igloo, it took about an hour.

Then I tested it from the inside.  Yep, pretty cozy.

Next I tested the roof with muscle man poses.  AAA!  don't break.... feuf.

Last I tested my igloo with GQ poses.  If it can keep from melting against those, it can withstand anything

Then I built a snowman. He's in the same pose as me, but its hard to tell 'cause the sun is just comin up so its kinda dark.

This is me pickin' the mans nose.  tee hee, mine was too empty.

This is me behind the man.

This is me peekin out from behind the man.

Oh My God!  Who's that guy in a towel!  Put some clothes on... really.