Greenhouse in DC... well, Maryland technically...

So.... I was in DC visiting a friend, and decided to post something online asking if anyone in the area wanted help with any projects.  I posted a few examples of things I had done.  Wouldn't ya know it... someone responded with (and I'm paraphrasing).  "Dude, help me build a greenhouse with the windows I took out of my house!  We replaced them, but the old windows are too good to just throw away."
I'm glad he didn't because it turned out to be a great project, and as part of my payment I got a new laptop.... which I'm typing on right now to create this very text.  yippee.  It was a mothers day present and seems to have gone over very well.  :-)

Picture 001.jpg
Bobcat breaking ground. 
Picture 002.jpg
Scraping up the grass.


Picture 003.jpg
All those brick....Ya, 
they were in my truck 
at the same time.  overloaded!
Picture 004.jpg
retaining wall...
Picture 005.jpg
Retaining wall...
Picture 006.jpg
Levelling ground.
Picture 007.jpg
filling with gravel...
Picture 008.jpg
Layed down foam insulation,
and radiant heat tubing.
Picture 009.jpg
Prepped for concrete.
Picture 010.jpg
Picture 011.jpg
Smooth.... kinda.
Picture 012.jpg
Yay!  Working hard.
Picture 013.jpg
blah blah...
Picture 014.jpg
Ok.... now the real...
Picture 015.jpg
Picture 016.jpg
Picture 017.jpg
Picture 018.jpg
Picture 019.jpg
Picture 020.jpg
Picture 021.jpg
Picture 022.jpg
Picture 023.jpg
Picture 024.jpg
Picture 025.jpg
Yep....  you uessed it...
Picture 026.jpg
Picture 027.jpg
Picture 028.jpg
Picture 029.jpg
Picture 030.jpg
Is ME!
Picture 031.jpg
Picture 032.jpg
the roof...
Picture 033.jpg
and tar paper.
Picture 034.jpg
Big roof windows.
Picture 035.jpg
...and stuff...
Picture 036.jpg
Plywood on the roof...
Picture 037.jpg
steel mesh for walls...
Picture 038.jpg
slate roof.
Picture 039.jpg
Sky light made from scratch.
Picture 040.jpg
getting ready
Picture 041.jpg
Picture 042.jpg
Stone veneer.
Picture 043.jpg
Jaimie sticking on stones.
Picture 044.jpg
Keep workin'...
Picture 045.jpg
Tiled inside.
Picture 046.jpg
finishing slate roof.
Picture 047.jpg
Long days.  ...but fun.
Picture 048.jpg
More stones...
Picture 049.jpg
Vent in back
Picture 050.jpg
Picture 051.jpg
Picture 052.jpg
How'd this get in there?
Taking in the garbage.
Picture 053.jpg
Picture 054.jpg
Picture 055.jpg
Picture 056.jpg

I didn't get a shot of the electrical stuff going in, but.... there's a light over the door, and some outlets inside, and a solar panel on the way!  Yay for solar panels.  Its too bad the solar panel was on back order.  I didn't get a chance to see the final pieces of the electrical system hooked up.